The HookSet Rig (Double Willow)


The HookSet Rig is on the cutting edge of the fishing explosion called the umbrella rig. The HookSet Rig has bends in the wires where the clevis, swivel and willow blades are locked in and can NOT slide up and down the wire. We are committed to providing you the best lures possible at the most reasonable prices, at $11.99 these are the BEST rigs around!! 

Each outside wire has TWO willow leave blades for a total of 8 blades on the rig. This makes the lure look like a true SCHOOL of bait fish and makes for fast and furious action.

The HookSet Rig comes in two sizes:

Regular: 5.5" wires and 1.5" blades

Finesse: 4.5" wires and 1.125" blades



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